Thursday, 7 January 2016

Volunteer Accomodation Hostels Now Available

We are glad to inform you that in 2015, Center for Community Transformation (Cecot Center) managed to raise a hostel structure with the aim of providing accommodation for our volunteers who may be interested in share a typical village lifestyle as they share their expertise, time with our community.
Both the upper and the lower are the same thing only taken from different angles. Although these accomodation facilities are not yet finished in our setting they can host some one. thanks to my Aunt Ms. Veronica Nanyondo - a teacher for the financial support that was used to raise this structure

Please contact us for details:

Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale
Programs Director - Center for Community Transformation
P.o.Box 18 Mubende - Uganda
Tel: 256 702 369 644, 256 782 400 523(also available on whats up)