Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Family Planning training for rural Women

The last 2 weeks of May 2015 and 1st week week of June 2015 Center for community transformation mobilized, conducted awareness and training for women about family planning services.The decision to take women is majorly because  they suffer a lot during pregnancy yet the mantle of caring for the family members largely rests on their shoulders, secondly the other objective was to educate them about the burden of having many children in a home and the advantages of having spaced births and few numbers of children in  the home
Women already arrived at Lwemikomago for the family planing awareness

A health worker Joram taking through women on the different family planning methods for the benefit. Ladies were very happy for the training
 To join, participate, volunteer and support Family planning project, Please contact:
Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale
Programs Director - Center for Community Transformation
P.o.Box 18 Mubende - Uganda
Tel: 256 702 369 644, 256 782 400 523
Email: zzirabae@gmail.com
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