Monday, 21 December 2015

Early detection of pregnancy among adolescents in Mubende district Secondary Schools

After a series of series of requests from parents and  the local leaders and our own surveys, Center for Community Transformation has  decided to carry out a project targeting  school going adolescents ( aged 13 year -  18years) with the  aim at preventing early pregnancies, pregnancy and child birth related diseases/death and  reduce on the girl child school drop out  rate in the district. This will be done three times a year. In the 1st term, the second term and third term  at least within the first 14 days of their reporting back to school.

Of course this intervention will handle even counseling and testing of HIV /AIDS and other STI's for the same target group.

i believe this is going to help and cause great impact on our community majority of which is within the age bracket of 13 - 18years

I call on every one who reads this post o support us cause an impact. you can support by choosing to come and volunteer as a individual or a group and participate directly especially if you a medical worker and trainee at University /college.drop us an email and we shall make the necessary arrangements for you.
Note: if you choose to participate as a group we can host you in our local accommodation facilities in Kibyayi  where you can sleep.

You can also support by sharing with your family,colleagues, friends and workmates about our passion to positively impact on adolescents perhaps they can support our work .

You can also recommend us for support from bodies and companies you may know.

you can also mobilize for us medical supplies and equipments to use in this project.

To join, participate, volunteer and support this project, Please contact:

Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale
Programs Director - Center for Community Transformation
P.o.Box 18 Mubende - Uganda
Tel: +256 702 369 644, +256 782 400 523 ( also available on Whatsup)