Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cecot Center launches development groups Approach to boost household incomes

After a series of activities within community on how best help the households to improve their incomes within their current conditions;  Center for Community Transformation (Cecot Center) has launched 2 development groups to boost family incomes.  This is in addition to the health activities  being promoted in the community because a healthy body paves way to a bright brain. The approach we are using is that of re-directing house hold energies, time and resources available to them with a defined mind set that what they are doing must generate revenue for the household. And every person in the family shares this approach.
 A group of  Women seated in a group discussion. This group is to rear 2 chicken birds each, from the chicken birds these ladies will get eggs; some will be hatched to get young birds which will be well looked after whereas some eggs will be sold to get income for the family

This group of men standing in a group discussion after being talked to by our staff, have come together to cultivate tomatoes. Each one is representing his/her household they are to plant 1000 tomato seedlings and they are to work together all through the season.