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Kibyayi Vocational Education and Training College (KIVETCO) - Concept Paper 2015

Center for Community Transformation
Kibyayi Vocational Education  and Training College (KIVETCO)
“Action Oriented Education”
Concept Paper 2015
Developed by Emmanuel K. Zirabamuzaale – Cecot Center Director
Like elsewhere in the world, education in Uganda is considered to be key to the development of society. As a result, since the start of formal education during the colonial period, Uganda has had several players in the education sector right from Nursery to University level. Consequently, irrespective of the level one stops at, many Ugandans now have an opportunity to go school other factors constant.
 Despite the many players in the education sector, 95% of all Uganda’s education institutions for a very long time have concentrated on theoretical education which basically breeds job seekers. Therefore the unemployment problem facing Uganda today is due to the education which our educational institutions offer to our people.
With our education style in Uganda, ALL students who have spent thirteen (13) years in school (from primary one to senior six) are NOT skilled in anything! This category including those who dropped out of school, constitute the biggest number of Uganda’s unemployed youth. Some other students also go further to acquire University education which takes them a minimum of three (3) years (this brings the total number of years to 16 in school)  but again like their counterparts who stopped at senior four and six they leave University without any practical skill that can kick start them in real life!
In light of the above, Center for Community Transformation would like to Construct and establish Kibayi  Vocational Education College (KIVETCO) to equip senior four, six students and willing adults with practical skills and knowledge so that they can individually create jobs for themselves and others and stop looking forward to government for jobs. We believe this will go a long way in strategically reducing the problem of un employment in the community.

Targeted community
Kibyayi Vocational Education College is targeting students and willing adults not exceeding 30 years within Mubende District. This is because we want children of the land to take part in positively transforming their district. Best of the best students will be retained to train others; whereas those who complete KIVETCO will devise means to ensure they start off immediately using the skills they have acquired. This will be done ensuring monitoring of all students who go through KIVETCO.

Preferred Courses to start with
 The following will be some of the courses at KIVETCO.
1.       Motor Vehicle repair and maintenance
2.       Plumbing works
3.       Tailoring and fashion designing
4.       Hair dressing andWeaving
5.        Computer training 
6.       Electrical wiring and Installation.
7.       Oriented Agricultural Practices skills course:
a)      Livestock  management
b)      Diary animal  management
c)  Plants Management
8.       Crafts making
Through this Vocational education we want to ensure that the Market Oriented Agricultural Practices skills course supported by the other courses facilitate the start of cottage factories or industries in Mubende. And we confident this is very possible.
The vocational college will be located at Kibyayi village, Nakayima ward; Mubende Town Council in Mubende District. One fundamental thing is we have the land available to accommodate this vocational college; we only need financial support to start the construction work.
For details such as budget, the structural plan, and any for of support;  please contact: Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale on the address below for a discussion.

To join, participate, volunteer and support / promote our Vocational work, Please contact
Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale
Programs Director - Center for Community Transformation
P.o.Box 18 Mubende - Uganda
Tel: 256 702 369 644, 256 782 400 523
Skype: Zziraba Emmanuel