Monday, 20 April 2015

Only 5 Days to mark the World Malaria day 0n 25th April 2015 at Kibyayi Village, Uganda

It was on 15th April 2015 when Center for Community Transformation held its last meeting to commemorate the World Malaria Day at Kibyayi Village Mubende district, Uganda. The theme of the day will be "Let's unite to fight Malaria Among Children"  All activities are to take place at st. Andrew Kaggwa primary School  - Kibyayi. The activities will include, testing for Malaria among all people who will confess to be having malaria, this will be followed by administration of coartem to all person who will be to have malaria in the blood system.

 A group photo that was taken immediately after the planning meeting. Special appreciation goes to this team because volunteered to walk and mobilize the village community to turn up for the malaria day on 25th April 2015
Due to the excessive out cry of the community members which was raised in the planning meetings, Center for Community Transformation has included other health services such as Free HI/AIDS counseling and Testing (HCT) and free family planing services especially for women. We have also arranged to have free distribution on condoms to the men.

Cecot Center has been joined by Kasaana Child Development Center ( KCDC) and Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) have volunteered to offer  free HCT and family planning services plus sexual reproductive services among adolescents respectively on this day whereas a team of 4 local health workers  have offered to come and participate in free malaria testing and diagnosis.

Emmanuel K (left) receiving some of the family planning materials from Timothy a  UHMG staff

2 cartons of condoms  and other information materials waiting to be loaded on to Cecot center Van