Sunday, 12 April 2015

Volunteer Opportunities are Available All Year Round

Dear Colleagues

Center for Community Transformation a Community (Cecot Center) is not for profit,  not political, non discriminative Community Based Organization and fully registered by Mubende District Local Government under Reg. No. CD. 223/1732/15 in Uganda. Our goal is to holistically change the Kibyayi rural community using a step by step approach to the challenges facing the community. Our actions emerge from analyzing the situation and conditions surrounding people in  Community. The gaps, challenges, and the observed issues that hinder the community from moving forward form our basis of intervention. These interventions are implemented in collaboration with the members of the community, NGOs, private and Government institutions. 

Cecot Center is  located at Kibyayi Village in Mubende District  in  Uganda.  We are approximately 150km from Uganda's  Capital City - Kampala, About 2 hours non stop drive. The coordinates of Mubende District are:00 36N, 31 24E. 

Target Population
From the recently concluded Population Census 2014, Mubende District as a whole has a total Population of 688,819 people of which 93.2%  reside in the rural areas. The Female populations accounts for 49.7% and the male population account for 50.3%. Mubende district has 151,985 with a average household size of 5 people.

 Health Interventions
Center for Community Transformation  exists to support  government efforts to ensure good health services provision to our people;
To carry on our cause we welcome volunteers with a passion in  health or medical care   to come and offer some of their time and experrtise to promote good health Kibyayi Village community through teaching and sensitizing our community on the best ways to prevent diseases, testing for diseases likemalaria, typhoid, cough, T.B, HIV AIDS, dental problems mainly  among children, teenagers (youth) and women during pregnancy, etc.  Prescription and advice on further disease management.

In this regard we want volunteers to assist to establish a Community Health Center /clinic to help in effectively addressing the health challenges facing the community. Fortunately, the community has already offered land for the construction of a community health clinic. Whether you choose to come as a couple, individual or in a group/team of 2 and above you are welcome. Retired medical practitioners are also welcome if they are interested in volunteering with us.

Other Community development interventions
 Center for Community transformation also welcomes volunteer skills and expertise in other sectors like Agriculture , education especially vocational, Environment - (tree planting, sensitization in educational institutions and the community, ICT support for the community - , support with computers to set up a computer training center for the   youth  etc  which can help in bringing change in Kibyayi village community
For all the period of stay we provide a house for accommodation in the Kibyayi village Community. So that we can be with them all the time.  However the conditions of living are local; no tap water, no electricity, no internet cafes but the environment is very safe
Please send me an email so that we will can discuss in details about making   trip to Kibyayi Village in Uganda

Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale
Programs Director - Center for Community Transformation
P.o.Box 18 Mubende - Uganda
Tel: +256 702 369 644, +256 782 400 523(also available on whatsup)