Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Male group sets up a Tomato Nursery bed to grow tomatoes

The Week that ended yesterday 11th April 2015  has had  a number of activities at Cecot Center. The Male group had their internal meeting to brainstorm on how to take forward their tomato growing  activity. In our previous post Cecot Center launches development groups Approach to boost household incomes 
we shared with you about these groups. The male group agreed and bought raised  Ushs. 40,000                   ( US$13.3)  to buy a packet of tomato seedlings. this packet can give rise to about 6,000 tomato seedlings. Thanks to Mr. Nyakatuula who offered land space breed a tomato nursery bed from which members will ave to transplant to their gardens. 

 Nyakatula and Joshua the male group members starting to prepare the nursery bed.
 The nursery bed space almost getting the ready for the rails
 Group members now make the rails as the others drop the tomato seedlings in the marked rails
 Planting the tomato nursery bed is now done. All the rails are filled with the tomato seeds. The white-like particles you see are the tomato seeds
Nyakatula, Joshua and Brian volunteered on behalf of the group and filled with the tomato seeds, group members now cover the seeds to allow germination
 After the seeds are covered with the soil, the whole nursery bed area was covered with grass to avoid direct sunlight but also to generate the warmth the seeds need to germinate. 
The whole nursery bed is covered but within four days the grass will be removed for better growing of the seeds.