Monday, 20 April 2015

Women Home based poultry project

Early this Month Cecot Center launched 2 groups; a Women and male group with the objective of improving households incomes. By 19th April 2015, each Woman in the group had got at least two local chicken birds to raise and keep. These birds are meant to give the house hold eggs to have more chicken birds and eggs for sale to get some money for the home. Cecot Center staff took a ride around this group home steads and below is what was discovered.
This lady (Nnaalongo Sebwasaba ) used a Mosquito net to create  Space for the chicken birds

Nnaalongo's chicken birds all under a mosquito net

Nampewo Teddy's chicken birds could not be seen due excessive enclosure. she has 2 birds in their meant to boost her house hold incomes

Nnaalongo Nakamya a group member has no structure for the chicken birds, she sleeps with her birds and the like all other group members her birds feeds on extensive free range

 Nnalongo kyaambiddwa also her birds feed on extensive free range and has no structure for the birds yet

Nassaazi is also a group member here her birds were found in the kitchen; they also feed on extensive free range

Nakitto Teddy Nalaongo a group member poses for a photo together with he six children

Teddy in the photo above has three chicken birds. Like all other members in the group her chicken birds are fed on n extensive free range basis.
To join, participate, volunteer and support this project, Please contact

Emmanuel K Zirabamuzaale
Programs Director - Center for Community Transformation
P.o.Box 18 Mubende - Uganda
Tel: 256 702 369 644, 256 782 400 523
Skype: Zziraba Emmanuel